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Eric bibb

Chuck Leavell Piano Legend

Three videos, one is a piano lesson you won’t want to miss. This guy, his piano style is impeccable …he’s great.  From the Allman Brothers band to The Rolling Stones. PLUS he is a major environmentalist. Look that up on Youtube.com.  I’m gonna shut up now and let Chuck do the playin’ and you do the lovin’.

Chuck Leavell with The Randall Bramblett Band ~ Statesboro Blues

CHUCK LEAVELL FOREVER BLUE Instrumental, Relaxing.

JESSICA piano lesson

The Blues Did Not Die And Never Will! BB KING R.I.P.


Thanks to a musician from the Mississippi Delta, we can all get up in the morning,  put one foot in front of the other and go off to work.  As BB King once described it, ” The blues is like a tonic, it is good for whatever ails you”.  Crafted in the cotton fields, and on the plantations of the American South, it’s a sound that sticks – that makes you feel better. R&B is the channel that so many people can count on to say, “hey, it’s cool, I can deal with this problem at home, at work, in sports or all through my life; this too shall pass and we will feel better.” We always have the Blues to turn to. The Blues influenced soul music, weaved its way through Motown, gridded Rap and Hip Hop, and bloomed into a foundation that has supported mankind all over our planet. You feel bad? Do some Blues. Feel better.



Most of us never met this guy, or his guitar Lucille,  some of us can say we saw him in concert.  Some say, “I lost a good friend”. But did we lose more than he gave? No way. None of us today remember the dark days of the deep South. This guy did, and yet he brought forth a cure for depression without a prescription.  When you’re down,  turn to the Blues. That will help you get back up, help you laugh a little.  Crack a smile no matter what they’re  puttin’ on you. Well, though the volume was turned down today, BB King made sure there was an exit strategy. He made sure there were competent Blues stringers in all walks of life to carry the torch for The Blues. BB King did everything in his power to bring forward The Blues, from boosting Muddy Waters, Lead Belly, and Albert King, to linking rock and Blues through rock and roll greats like U2, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Taj Mahal, Paul Butterfield, Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Keith Richards & The Rolling Stones and Bonnie Raitt, then inspiring modern day blues men like Ray Clark Jr., John Mayer, Eric Bibb, Keb Mo and Johnny Lang.  B.B.King, Etta James, Aretha and Johnny Winter kept The Blues right up there in your face. They never, never, ever let you down.   Stevie Ray Vaughan and B.B. King’s performances locked in  legend. See below the video, a list of blues artists found in Wikipedia.

We highlighted this video post earlier in this website and in an older blog because aesthetically it is very appealing plus it covers the rehearsal and precise pre-planning necessary. The performance was so well-edited between the rehearsal and the actual performance we felt it carried the full weight of all the artists performing the song, which remains, to us,  one of the best performances BB King ever did. And the song represents what we all are waiting for, “When Love Comes To Town”.  Well, it’s here, Love.  Unfortunately for us, in the here and now,  BB King took that train out to the next station where lots of people, his colleagues and friends such as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Healey, Albert King, Janis Joplin, Duane Allman, Roy Buchanan and many, many more await his arrival.  The Blues did not die and never will! BB KING R.I.P. 1925 -2015.  Lenny Kravits said it best on Twitter today: ” BB, lots of people can play thousands of notes and never say what you did with just one”   But Lucille, his guitar, said it even better for a long time.

When Love Comes To Town

BBC WORLDWIDE has eliminated another great video from public domain. Well, I found another.  [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

List of Recent Blues Artists Wikipedia


Eric Bibb – Let The Mothers Step Up

Great new, in studio, performance. I’ll shut up and let you get straight to It. Eric Bibb in studio. Enjoy!

More Eric Bibb ?


So my son looks at me and says”There was a band called The Band, …seriously?
I have a problem with that. Just not acceptable.  These guys wrote classic tunes. They were back up band to Bob Dylan and Ronnie Hawkins. You see that guy playing lead guitar, Robbie Rodertson. He`s one of the top guitarists I`ve ever seen. You dont get this kind of chemistry but once in a blue moon. Yeah, U2, the Rollng Stones, the Beatles, but the band oozed American backwoods backbeat. They made you feel like Americans got chops. Sure they were Canadian too, but that was really cool! Even better. Made you know the Canadian border may be there, but, we got brothers in Canada. Loads of great musicians came from Canada. Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Brian Adams, the list goes on and on.

Even regarding history, there is no better Civil War song than The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. No better Ragtime song than Rag Mamma Rag,  And a true classic The Weight? There just in no, and never will be,  better song to sip Jack Danials to than music fron The Band`s Up On Cripple Creek she sends me.
If you don`t understand these guys and their music, your missing a link to help you lock into many forms and styles of American Music.
I will add a few posts to help you go there. I hope you enjoy these
 guys as much as I do, If you have a comment or some thing to add please do.

Daryl Hall has been the most clever artist in the digital realm. He is in continuous “pay it forward” mode.  He collaborates as no one can or does, all for you, on line, no charge.  His consistency in hitting all the targets when choosing guest artists is flawless.  Daryl is humble and makes you feel like he has known you personally for years and hung out with you in High School . He communicates so well it is overwhelming at times. He makes every one feel “cool”. You can see that in the enjoyment of his fellow band members and guests.  If you need a shot of  youthful good feeling, go to www.lfdh.com. I will highlight his performances that I love and I truly hope you enjoy them as well.  And here are two, both done with Rumer,   I REALLY enjoy, I hope you do too !


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BACK TO GREAT TUNES Alright – Live From Daryls House Episode 68

Gotta get back to the good stuff.
Daryl Hall and Darius Rucker making sweet music together ! Lovin it !

Live from Daryls House a great place for great music and great people.lfdh.com

Driving down the coast road,   Route 1, in between Palo Alto and Monteray California  in a convertible seabring, , cliffs to my right, fresh sea air and great sunshine! Back in 1998 when I popped in a CD and , heard this awesome lady banging out tunes! If there ever was a woman that could raise your spirits up when you’re alone, it is this person right here. Great Guitar! Great rhythm? Great look! And man, can she sing Here are three worthy performances . I hope you love them like I do! Sheryl Crow. She has faced adversity and come out way ahead every time! The first two performances are not necessarily hers, But you can hear who I assume was one of her major influences.  In the first video “Let it Bleed” your are rewarded to hear the great Pianist Chuck Levell, He played with the Rolling Stones many times, not to mention stints with Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, and his own band Sealevell, a great Jazz rock fusion band of the 1980’s.  He has chops! I love them both.

All Down The Line

Gasoline / Gimmie Shelter

Steve McQueen

JD and The Straight Shots. It’s About Time

While reading New York Times today, this article, “A New Track And A New Tack”, by Scott Cacciola, caught my eye in today’s sports section, which, by the way, I almost never read, an omen I better highlight this for sure. Here is a guy who is rolling along, doing pretty darn great in life. Realizing, as I do about myself, he is not getting any younger, he probably gets to a point where he decides it is time for a total change up. So he starts a band. Fortunately he has lots of talent, and some time needed to start up. He chooses a great song by one of my personal favorites, (I was beginning to worry I was the only fan of Little Feat leat alive, actually not true, as they were the band Led Zeppelin’s favorite band and I am confident they have millions more). He decides to perform “Let It Roll” with his new band and post online. I noticed a percussionist who plays on,” Live From Daryl’s House” website and TV series with Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates fame. This guy, James L.Dolan, owns the New York Knicks ? This just goes to prove, the older you get, the better music is for your soul. Music is my passion as well. I don’t like writing about it, but I sure do love listening to it, especially when it is as good as JD & The Straight Shots perform this song. I hear they have a planned upcoming album and the subject matter sounds great. Watch for it. Somebody, please email me once it’s out. Enjoy!

U2 + Gospel Choir – I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Welcome to the Grand Opening of FrontRowCener.us music and entertainment website. All types of music for all types of people. My hope is to give those music lovers a place to hangout when they want to see rock & roll history making concerts in high-definition. Laugh when they need to, Joan Rivers knew the importance of a good laugh. But I hope those waiting on-line in airports , on trains commuting, In hotel rooms after a tough day all visit this site for something that works for them. And if you bring the time, I’ll bring the goods. So please make yourself at home. Prepare for a great experience. And Please leave comments.  One thing you will find with this Website is that all the normal navigational controls and UI work in a much smoother and simpler way than the Front Row Center 1 blog / vlog I started with,  Leaving comments is easy breezy!

U2, B.B.King – When Love Comes To Town /live/ ( Rattle And Hum) /1988/

This band is my all time favorite. The shear passion they put into every song lyric is the reason people will follow them worldwide to hear them live in concert. They mingle blues and rock and roll seamlessly. Only U2 and The Rolling Stones have this as a style stamp, easily detectable on most all of their works.