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Watch “Bruce Springsteen – I Hung My Head” on YouTube

From the Kennedy Center Honors Sting. Recorded on December 7, 2014 at the John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

Bruce Springsteen – Nothing Man 911 Tribute

Every one of us remembers where we were on 911.  We all remember how we felt.  We were shocked, dismayed, helpless, angry, worried.  The feelings continued to wash over us like water over stones in a mountain stream.  We didn’t know what to do, where to turn.  But here is what really happened.  Americans learned on that one morning what courage really is. What it is not to be alone, but what it is to be America Strong.  First responders did not run away ! They ran in. We lost heros that day.  Too many to count, We lost innocent souls which sent shock waves through our lives. We wished there was some way to help, and what we could do ,we did. And we were, are  and will always remain United. That is why the name “United States “means something.  It means something that the whole word wish to be   That is why, no matter what you hear, Americans, around the world ,are loved.  No matter what you’re told the fact remains when devastating natural disasters happen Americans go and are there.  When disease threatens certain death, Americans go and are there.  And when evil men perpetrate crimes amongst fellow men Americans go and are there to preserve and protect.  We are good, and let no man or woman tell you different.  Americans are good. September 11,2014, get up, go look in the mirror and tell yourself , I am good. I am an American, God Bless The United States of America.

Karl Kettner 2014

Bruce Springsteen Nothing Man