Steely Dan

Just before I went into the Air Force , Steely Dan came along. They are a great combination of Jazz and Rock. I always feel those who listen to Steely Dan on a regular basis have a great grasp of the fusion between rock and jazz. This band had a lot to do with my interest in jazz cords and harmonies. Here is a band, which I feel, earned the right to be called “Hip”. ” Hip ” is one of those words I feel you need to use sparingly. You flash it too much and it diminishes in value. To truly be “Hip” you have to know more about music than what is popular now. You need the ability to go back in time and pull selections that have 20 somethings tapping there fingers and hands on the arm of the chair, then closing their eyes, quietly rock their heads, even tap their feet. I mean 20 somethings of today and of tomorrow. Steely Dan can do this. And the actions of the listener clearly indicates if they are ” Hip”. Using “Hip” properly is important. And done right, the word never sounds out of place. Enjoy this


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