The Guitar Gods – Larry Carlton – Lee Ritenour

This is all that! No talking Just Listen.  As always, headphones.  This video is not over the top.  It’s the music babe, it’s the music. Goes deep! Funk, you name it Fusion Jazz. Brilliant!


Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton Larry & Lee Live in Tokyo 1995

  • The Eagles Dirty Laundry

The Eagles – Farewell Tour 1 Live in Melbourne.

Performing the track: Dirty Laundry
Original track by: Don Henley
Performers: The four Eagles:
Don Henley (main vocals and guitar)
Glenn Frey (backing vocals and guitar)
Timothy B. Schmit (backup vocals and bass)
Joe Walsh (backup vocals and solo guitar)
with their live band.

General info: Don Henley is main vocals on this one, he also plays guitar, but on the paper he is the drummer. They switch around. On bass Timothy B. Schmit, he took over for Randy Meisner in the late seventies just a few years before the split up. On Acoustic guitar and backup vocals (also piano etc) we have Glenn Frey, an original Eagle. The solo guitarist with the best solos (and face expressions) is Joe Walsh. The other solo guitar player is a part of their live-band, even though he is considered as in the band he is not an Eagle, his name is Steuart Smith. Don Felder had quit the Eagles when this was recorded in 2004/2005.

Morgan James



This song, Melissa is one of my all time very favorite Allman Brothers song. And this lady, Morgan James, can sure pitch it in as a full strike! Beautiful song sung by a beautiful woman. You can count on seeing a lot more of Morgan’s performances everywhere in the future. I plan to download her albums for sure.  She is a real child of the 1970s music era, and have r s increadible deliery in my opinion. Please use some form of quality audio output to enhance your experience and comment if so inclined. Sometimes, less is more. Enjoy and Thanks for stopping by.

Melissa – The Allman Brothers Band (Morgan James Cover)

Morgan James official website

Joe Walsh



Today I went to a celebration of life. I have a tough time this time of year. But when I got home, I saw God had left me a voice mail on Youtube to check out this video and it applies on so many levels. We all have mountains to climb, difficulties to overcome be it alcohol, drugs, loss of a loved one, sickness, weight loss, job loss, divorce, depression, low wages anxiety, bankruptcy and difficult bosses. Sometimes we need help. We need something we can hold onto. Here is what one of America’s legends has to say to us to lend us some hope. We welcome Joe Walsh’s advice.


Joe Walsh understands solutions don’t just work in one day, week or month. You can’t look for the end to the problem. It always is one step, one day at a time, and the effort must continue, in many cases, forever. And you waste time blaming others. Your situation is within you. You have the power to provide the solution. So the secret to life is to Keep Moving Forward, One Step At A Time,  One Day At A Time.


Thank you Joe Walsh. You give us hope!

ONE DAY AT A TIME, Legendary, Mr.Joe Walsh



Bruce Springsteen. Some say, “Well, he’s just not my cup of tea”. Others say, ” Until you’ve seen Bruce Springsteen live in concert, you’ve never seen a concert! “!   What you’re about to see is clarity on these observations . You see, Bruce Springsteen, in my opinion, is an acquired taste, worth nurturing, deeply sophisticated yet, at the same time, basic raw power. Some of his works never really appealed to me, but the same could be said of many of the artists out there today. Bruce told stores of the 1970s 1980s and 1990s, that are like gray flannel dress clothing, meaning, they will apply to all times and never go out of style.


I recently had someone who plays in a really good band, when I asked If they did any Springsteen tell me, “our band could never do a Springsteen comp as his songs are very heavily horn dependent.” Well what you’re  about to see is in direct conflict with that statement. However, there is, I’ll grant you, a synthesized piano which almost adds the flavor and richness of the missing horns, but the point of the matter is,  a Turbo Charged Bruce Springsteen performance can be perfectly executed without a horn section. You just need to think and play LIKE A BOSS! And that is the essence of the Band. So yeah, I concur, you ain’t seen a concert until you’ve seen The Boss. At age 60 this guy is out there owning it! The Boss lays it down…like this…and  really, if you don’t use earphones you’re  not doing yourself justice and you’ll miss the raw energy, so throttle up your volume, sit back and coast the roller coaster ride.

Bruce Springsteen  “Seeds”

May I also suggest you remain and watch the Elvis Costello/Bruce Springsteen Radio Nowhere/ Radio Radio performance following the “Seeds” performance. It to was quite Turbo charged.



I can’t just walk away from this guy. After the last post I built failed to attract interest. This man puts his heart and soul into his music, always has. He deserves so much more recognition of his accomplishments  and his talents. So I’m back at it going deep for content.  Chuck Leavell can take you to places that make you comfortable. And let’s face it, in this life and times, it is almost impossible to get comfortable anymore. But because Chuck has played with some real powerhouse artists such as The Rolling Stones, the Allman Brothers,  and countless others, it’s understandable he might get a bit lost in the jet wash.  But I keep seeing the things he does beyond his music and touring with bands, and I say why is the music community not bringing him to the forefront. Time is going by people. And a talent such as Chuck Leavell possesses will dwindle, and I hate the idea that I will go to my grave knowing how wonderful pianist and personality Chuck is, but my kids will never know…unless, unless I document it somewhere in the hopes my children see and become aware of who is Chuck Leavell.



Not many people know that Chuck is an avid environmentalist and nature lover, as I too once was. He has supported groups who promote tree planting and preservation.  He is every bit the John Muir of the South.   Chuck Leavell has also posted on-line videos to help young upcoming artists see his style and he breaks it down so those students can be made aware of his style and the styles evolution through previous artists that Chuck Learned from, and his past collaborations with people like Dicky Betts and Mick Jagger. You know, Billy Joel is the gold standard when it comes to piano. But like me, Billy is a tough New Yorker. Chuck Leavell, on the other hand exudes jovilness,  a happy outlook unique to Southerners that makes him a platinum player in the world of piano. And just like James Taylor, who has a wonderful website to teach guitar skills, Chuck has great videos to help young and old piano students learn the fun behind the piano. I myself am a tremendous fan of great guitarists. Eric Clapton, a snake charmer who can hypnotize a viewer with his fretwork and strumming style, and James Taylor has no equal when you watch him pick a tune on his acoustic axe. And there is Joe Walsh…perfection. All these guys, they do it for themselves, but you damn well know they do it to put a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts. And just like Ray Charles paid  it forward to a young Chuck Leavell, so do all the artists I mentioned. It is as I say,  just drive the truck, and the fame and  money will follow. In other words if you do what is your passion and you never falter,  fame and fortune will one day be yours. I wish I had. But I got lost in the so-called, ” reality of life”.  If you are a lover of rhythm and Blues,  fusion jazz, and boogie wooie piano,as am  I,  please program your Pandora to Mr Chuck Leavell, or checkup his YouTube videos. I promise you won’t  be sorry you




Eric bibb

Chuck Leavell Piano Legend

Three videos, one is a piano lesson you won’t want to miss. This guy, his piano style is impeccable …he’s great.  From the Allman Brothers band to The Rolling Stones. PLUS he is a major environmentalist. Look that up on  I’m gonna shut up now and let Chuck do the playin’ and you do the lovin’.

Chuck Leavell with The Randall Bramblett Band ~ Statesboro Blues

CHUCK LEAVELL FOREVER BLUE Instrumental, Relaxing.

JESSICA piano lesson

Behind Blue Eyes.

Dreams Fade with age. And the struggle to reach an end begins.  This song followed me all through my life. Behind Blue Eyes, originally performed by The Who. This is classic rock and roll modified, and performed by Limp Bizkit for todays No deposit, No refund generation. You see, there is a whole group of people out there who have decided if you’re not a member of their group, you are to be marginalized. It becomes acceptable to criticize, gossip, and look past other people. Some people feel you have to be accepted in groups to have self-worth. Others learn to cope alone. If you know how to be alone and are used to it, sometimes it’s not such a bad thing.

But then the rumor and gossip starts. They’re this,  they’re that. No, not really. They’ve just learned acceptance carries no real value. We’ve all been there, alone. And it’s not such a bad thing. You can have your own opinion, not be measured and judged by others.  And most importantly, you don’t  have to sweat losing those you care about but who don’t care about you. So, I hope you enjoy the music and the lyrics.



Relaxing Music

Sometimes you have a day where it seems that everything just will not go your way. Your boss points out every mistake you make. Your doctor says your health is not improving. Your kids decide this is their day of defiance. Your dog tore up the trash, and left you chocolate muffins you threw away as they were old and growing things, and as a result your dog threw up on your new carpet. You bounced a check and your septic backed up. And this all happened on Friday when your physical internal battery charge is at 4%. You just want to get to your shorts and your favorite gear down tunes.

You just escaped from work and you need to detox in your favorite chair with the lights turned down low. Shoes off, shorts on, earphones in, tune in and play. Relaxing music goes a long way after a week of “crisis of the day” for 5 days straight.

Well here are a few of our picks to help your mind drift to a safe place. We hope you enjoy these.


James Taylor Performs “Riding on a Railroad” | In Performance at the White House


J.J. Cale – The Old Man and Me