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Watch “Bruce Springsteen – I Hung My Head” on YouTube

From the Kennedy Center Honors Sting. Recorded on December 7, 2014 at the John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

Return of the Minstrels

We took some time off. Who’s ready to do some toonzes?  Lets try a different approach.  You tell us who you want to see. What you want to hear.  If we can find it, we’ll try it. And if it gets likes,  it stays. But we’ll need your help.So leave us your ideas in the comments and

we’ll go to work! And let’s see how this goes.

The Revivalists | “Keep Going” | Live Session

The Revivalists | “Keep Going” | Live Session

If you get a chance to catch this act, David Shaw and the Revivalists,  you better jump on it.  These guys hit all the targets.  Gulf Coasters in real-time, when they hit the stage they take you where you need to be, moving up!  Stomping feet. Smiling face.  Swinging  arms.  But this song gets you happy. Keeps you in posi-drive ,  and will drive The Revivalists up and right over the top.  Hey! I’ll  shut up so you can just listen.  If you like this let me know.  I’m interested in your comments and opinions.

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The Guitar Gods – Larry Carlton – Lee Ritenour

This is all that! No talking Just Listen.  As always, headphones.  This video is not over the top.  It’s the music babe, it’s the music. Goes deep! Funk, you name it Fusion Jazz. Brilliant!


Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton Larry & Lee Live in Tokyo 1995

  • The Eagles Dirty Laundry

The Eagles – Farewell Tour 1 Live in Melbourne.

Performing the track: Dirty Laundry
Original track by: Don Henley
Performers: The four Eagles:
Don Henley (main vocals and guitar)
Glenn Frey (backing vocals and guitar)
Timothy B. Schmit (backup vocals and bass)
Joe Walsh (backup vocals and solo guitar)
with their live band.

General info: Don Henley is main vocals on this one, he also plays guitar, but on the paper he is the drummer. They switch around. On bass Timothy B. Schmit, he took over for Randy Meisner in the late seventies just a few years before the split up. On Acoustic guitar and backup vocals (also piano etc) we have Glenn Frey, an original Eagle. The solo guitarist with the best solos (and face expressions) is Joe Walsh. The other solo guitar player is a part of their live-band, even though he is considered as in the band he is not an Eagle, his name is Steuart Smith. Don Felder had quit the Eagles when this was recorded in 2004/2005.