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Watch “Bruce Springsteen – I Hung My Head” on YouTube

From the Kennedy Center Honors Sting. Recorded on December 7, 2014 at the John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

The Revivalists | “Keep Going” | Live Session

The Revivalists | “Keep Going” | Live Session

If you get a chance to catch this act, David Shaw and the Revivalists,  you better jump on it.  These guys hit all the targets.  Gulf Coasters in real-time, when they hit the stage they take you where you need to be, moving up!  Stomping feet. Smiling face.  Swinging  arms.  But this song gets you happy. Keeps you in posi-drive ,  and will drive The Revivalists up and right over the top.  Hey! I’ll  shut up so you can just listen.  If you like this let me know.  I’m interested in your comments and opinions.

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Joe Walsh



Today I went to a celebration of life. I have a tough time this time of year. But when I got home, I saw God had left me a voice mail on Youtube to check out this video and it applies on so many levels. We all have mountains to climb, difficulties to overcome be it alcohol, drugs, loss of a loved one, sickness, weight loss, job loss, divorce, depression, low wages anxiety, bankruptcy and difficult bosses. Sometimes we need help. We need something we can hold onto. Here is what one of America’s legends has to say to us to lend us some hope. We welcome Joe Walsh’s advice.


Joe Walsh understands solutions don’t just work in one day, week or month. You can’t look for the end to the problem. It always is one step, one day at a time, and the effort must continue, in many cases, forever. And you waste time blaming others. Your situation is within you. You have the power to provide the solution. So the secret to life is to Keep Moving Forward, One Step At A Time,  One Day At A Time.


Thank you Joe Walsh. You give us hope!

ONE DAY AT A TIME, Legendary, Mr.Joe Walsh

Behind Blue Eyes.

Dreams Fade with age. And the struggle to reach an end begins.  This song followed me all through my life. Behind Blue Eyes, originally performed by The Who. This is classic rock and roll modified, and performed by Limp Bizkit for todays No deposit, No refund generation. You see, there is a whole group of people out there who have decided if you’re not a member of their group, you are to be marginalized. It becomes acceptable to criticize, gossip, and look past other people. Some people feel you have to be accepted in groups to have self-worth. Others learn to cope alone. If you know how to be alone and are used to it, sometimes it’s not such a bad thing.

But then the rumor and gossip starts. They’re this,  they’re that. No, not really. They’ve just learned acceptance carries no real value. We’ve all been there, alone. And it’s not such a bad thing. You can have your own opinion, not be measured and judged by others.  And most importantly, you don’t  have to sweat losing those you care about but who don’t care about you. So, I hope you enjoy the music and the lyrics.


John Fogerty Guitar Hero

john fogerty premonition live concert best of creedence

John Fogerty Premonition Live Concert Best Of Creedence

The first concert I ever attended was with my sister and brother-in-law who brought me – a full-of-energy kid fired up by the flame of all things rock and roll – to the Fillmore East Auditorium in New York City, to see Creedence Clearwater Revival. The year was 1969, and the warm-up band for CCR was a group called Spirit, whose big hit was I Got A Line on You. Spirit is also known for Tauras, a song they later claimed was lifted note-for-note and used by a band known as Led Zeppelin. You may remember them. Anyway, Led Zep called that little ditty Stairway To Heaven. 

Suffice it to say, CCR blew me away that night.

Bands do not get any more American than this one. John Fogerty gives us precision guitar work that I would rate right alongside the great Eric Clapton’s, except Fogerty does it with a smile on his face. He puts his whole soul into this wonderful music, makes you wish you were sitting somewhere Down on the Bayou, listening to the bullfrogs calling to their lady-loves. He takes you down Green River and out to Centerfield. And maybe he ain’t no Fortunate Son, folks, but he can sure belt out his admiration for Proud Mary as she takes you for a ride on the river. John just keeps the excitement Rockin’ All Over The World.

These songs are hymns to America, written with love in his heart. I believe our guys and gals in the Armed Forces know how home itself lives in a CCR tune – that it’s one of the great things that have kept many of them going, giving their all over in some desert hot-spot.

It is to honor John Fogerty’s American spirit that I proudly post this tremendous concert. I know we’re all short on time, but I hope you’ll listen to his words. Listen and and watch his guitar fingering, and I believe you’ll thank yourself that you did.

All John Fogarty wants to do is rock and roll for us. Life is too short not to enjoy it. Thank you John … Rock on, buddy!

If you don’t belive me about John Fogerty, listen to what this guy says about him, Click here


George Harrison

George Harrison – “Wah – Wah” Have Faith!

The secret to enjoying our posts is to start the video first, lower on this page,  then read the content as the music plays.


The seamingly quite Beatle who waited his turn. And boy could George Harrison turn! Many say his Album, “All Things Must Past” was the best album from any and all Beatles. I know, I love his stuff. George Harrison, the Beatle who rescued a people.


In August 1971, 2 concerts . Before all the big scale live concert benefits, We Are The World, Crossroads, Live Aid and Farm Aid, I remember, “The Concert For Bangladesh.” The companion album and the documentary told the story how George Harrison and Ravi Shankar launched an economic rescue mission gathering as many Rock and Roll greats as they could, including, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, and of course Ringo Starr, And. building upon the world’s understanding of peace love and compassion to a point that everyone wanted to help those starving abroad.  The songs from his album played a central role in that great relief effort. George Harrison brought the message, the idea of one God to us all with his music. And to this day belief in that concept, that when people are in trouble, there is but one God. And that God is all that stands between the human race and certain doom. Call him Lord, God, Jesus, Muhammad,  Rama,  Buddha, or what ever works for you it is in our anchored faith we all shall prevail.  If there is a heaven, one of the great things about going there will be meeting George Harrison directly and knowing of his accomplishments here on Earth.

“What happened is now history: it was one of the most moving and intense musical experiences of the century”.

– Ravi Shankar, 2005

Click here for more on The Concert For Bangladesh

The Doobie Brothers Rockin Down The Highway

The Doobie Brothers – Rockin Down The Highway (Live at Wolf Trap) ~ 1080p HD

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away. There was a band. They were a fell good band. They sang no political songs or poetic justice stuff. You just turned them on and turned them up on your car radio on Friday nights headed for your favorite club. You needed that Friday night work cleansing to gear you up for a night of partying with your friends.

Friday Nights In 1972

You needed to feel good about life again. These guys could help you pull that off. You’d get paid, head to a store to but some new Levis and a patterned western shirt with pearl snaps instead of plain old buttons. Go home, get a shower to wash off work. Put on some of your favorite musk after shave or cologne. Comb you mustashe and long side burns. Get on your favorite dancing boots. Leap into your car, pump up the tunes, and…..

The Blues Did Not Die And Never Will! BB KING R.I.P.


Thanks to a musician from the Mississippi Delta, we can all get up in the morning,  put one foot in front of the other and go off to work.  As BB King once described it, ” The blues is like a tonic, it is good for whatever ails you”.  Crafted in the cotton fields, and on the plantations of the American South, it’s a sound that sticks – that makes you feel better. R&B is the channel that so many people can count on to say, “hey, it’s cool, I can deal with this problem at home, at work, in sports or all through my life; this too shall pass and we will feel better.” We always have the Blues to turn to. The Blues influenced soul music, weaved its way through Motown, gridded Rap and Hip Hop, and bloomed into a foundation that has supported mankind all over our planet. You feel bad? Do some Blues. Feel better.



Most of us never met this guy, or his guitar Lucille,  some of us can say we saw him in concert.  Some say, “I lost a good friend”. But did we lose more than he gave? No way. None of us today remember the dark days of the deep South. This guy did, and yet he brought forth a cure for depression without a prescription.  When you’re down,  turn to the Blues. That will help you get back up, help you laugh a little.  Crack a smile no matter what they’re  puttin’ on you. Well, though the volume was turned down today, BB King made sure there was an exit strategy. He made sure there were competent Blues stringers in all walks of life to carry the torch for The Blues. BB King did everything in his power to bring forward The Blues, from boosting Muddy Waters, Lead Belly, and Albert King, to linking rock and Blues through rock and roll greats like U2, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Taj Mahal, Paul Butterfield, Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Keith Richards & The Rolling Stones and Bonnie Raitt, then inspiring modern day blues men like Ray Clark Jr., John Mayer, Eric Bibb, Keb Mo and Johnny Lang.  B.B.King, Etta James, Aretha and Johnny Winter kept The Blues right up there in your face. They never, never, ever let you down.   Stevie Ray Vaughan and B.B. King’s performances locked in  legend. See below the video, a list of blues artists found in Wikipedia.

We highlighted this video post earlier in this website and in an older blog because aesthetically it is very appealing plus it covers the rehearsal and precise pre-planning necessary. The performance was so well-edited between the rehearsal and the actual performance we felt it carried the full weight of all the artists performing the song, which remains, to us,  one of the best performances BB King ever did. And the song represents what we all are waiting for, “When Love Comes To Town”.  Well, it’s here, Love.  Unfortunately for us, in the here and now,  BB King took that train out to the next station where lots of people, his colleagues and friends such as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Healey, Albert King, Janis Joplin, Duane Allman, Roy Buchanan and many, many more await his arrival.  The Blues did not die and never will! BB KING R.I.P. 1925 -2015.  Lenny Kravits said it best on Twitter today: ” BB, lots of people can play thousands of notes and never say what you did with just one”   But Lucille, his guitar, said it even better for a long time.

When Love Comes To Town

BBC WORLDWIDE has eliminated another great video from public domain. Well, I found another.  [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Website’ type=’url’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]

List of Recent Blues Artists Wikipedia


So my son looks at me and says”There was a band called The Band, …seriously?
I have a problem with that. Just not acceptable.  These guys wrote classic tunes. They were back up band to Bob Dylan and Ronnie Hawkins. You see that guy playing lead guitar, Robbie Rodertson. He`s one of the top guitarists I`ve ever seen. You dont get this kind of chemistry but once in a blue moon. Yeah, U2, the Rollng Stones, the Beatles, but the band oozed American backwoods backbeat. They made you feel like Americans got chops. Sure they were Canadian too, but that was really cool! Even better. Made you know the Canadian border may be there, but, we got brothers in Canada. Loads of great musicians came from Canada. Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Brian Adams, the list goes on and on.

Even regarding history, there is no better Civil War song than The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. No better Ragtime song than Rag Mamma Rag,  And a true classic The Weight? There just in no, and never will be,  better song to sip Jack Danials to than music fron The Band`s Up On Cripple Creek she sends me.
If you don`t understand these guys and their music, your missing a link to help you lock into many forms and styles of American Music.
I will add a few posts to help you go there. I hope you enjoy these
 guys as much as I do, If you have a comment or some thing to add please do.

Sheryl Crow Performing “A Change Would Do You Good”

Sheryl Crow Performing “A Change Would Do You Good”

One of the best performances from one of the best female artists of the 1990, 2000 and to this day. This song is one of my favorites.
Her band is spot on. This is by all means a “Top Shelf” performance. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.