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ERIC CLAPTON Live at Budokan, Tokyo, 2001 (Full Concert)

Just can’t say enough about Eric Clapton. But this was most outstanding. If you only see one Eric Clapton concert, you need to make it this one. And I warn you, it is long. See, that is the trouble today. People now have the attention span of a flea.

“But”, they say, “say, I’m so busy” as their excuse for letting the best in life pass them right on by. They flip the onus to you, saying mean shit like, “well, at least I have a life” ! And …cut to smirk. Well, it is a known fact” all good things come to those who wait. Patients are a…? If you had  paid good money to see a concert of this caliber, you would say, hey, what a great break in the action, and bonus, you’d witness a true great perform at his absolute zenith. So,  I say once more, miss this and I feel really bad, for you. But, if you use some form of earphones, put down your smartphone and just go with the flow, the same feeling you might get from a great movie, a classic book you will experience here. By the way, he ends this with a classic Cream tune, and another tune that will have you feeling like a kid again. Can you guess what that might be? No? Well, get a life, and watch this!

After watching this I feel that you would have to be pretty unhappy to know this existed and you didn’t see it !  Vince  Gil is the dominant force here….the glue so to speak, to hold this together. Eric Clapton is the fulcrum,  and each guitarist on this stage performs flawlessly! And Keith Richards…what can be said?  He just always hits the best notes at the perfect time.  Man, I hope I can have that embedded precision  when I reach his seniority! Talk about thick!


Mississippi blues harmonica (Pride and Joy)

Have you ever just gone for a drive by your self and had a day so beautiful that you wished you could just pull over and express your joy? Maybe it happened to this guy? Don’t you wish he were you?. Harmonicas really just seem to help intensify emotion and transfer that emotion from the performer to the audiance.   This guy is great!