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The Revivalists | “Keep Going” | Live Session

The Revivalists | “Keep Going” | Live Session

If you get a chance to catch this act, David Shaw and the Revivalists,  you better jump on it.  These guys hit all the targets.  Gulf Coasters in real-time, when they hit the stage they take you where you need to be, moving up!  Stomping feet. Smiling face.  Swinging  arms.  But this song gets you happy. Keeps you in posi-drive ,  and will drive The Revivalists up and right over the top.  Hey! I’ll  shut up so you can just listen.  If you like this let me know.  I’m interested in your comments and opinions.

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John Mayer

John Mayer – I Don’t Trust Myself


John Mayer – I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You) LIVE In Toronto

John Mayer rolls it out nice n easy. If you are looking to relax, this is defiantly a go to performance, not to be missed. This guy is so unbelievably talented he has earned his place among great R&B and Blues musicians. His ability to combine pop with R&B is spot on, and he can defiantly deliver the goods when it comes to The Blues.   Hope you enjoy this.  Let’s get right to it.


Want More John Mayer?

John Mayer – Queen of California  (Live at the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013)

This performance is bar none, possibly the best I have seen in a very, very long time.

I have been so focused on John Mayer’s undeniable blues guitar talents, this particular performance
even being somewhat old, 2013, totally caught me off guard! First off, John Mayer Queen of California is one of my all time favorites, this rendition absolutely pulverizes my previous view of John as a strictly Blues guitarist. The guitar solo, after his acoustic into, has a deep, thick flavor of the Greatfull Dead, Jerry Garcia, it just blew me away!

What I love so much about John Mayer is, he is so you and me. After getting his first guitar he did what so many of us wish we had done. He immersed himself in the study of the guitar greats, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King, Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Eric Clapton. Just a kid from Fairfield Connecticut, waking his dad up early on Saturday morning so he could go to the local record store and buy a copy of an album of Albert King’s. I recently saw the movie Whiplash with J. K Simmonds about a young boy relentlessly practicing his drum solos till his hands bled. J.K Simmons played his conductor and grueling drill master, driving the young man to out perform himself. As I watched this video, and while I watched this performance by John Mayer it occurred to me that this was John Mayer, practicing over and over and over each of these guitar legends solos until their style to him was as natural as drinking a beer is to us.

John Mayer is a fantastic and accomplished guitarist and performer. He has played with many of those who inspired him. He has made his home state of Connecticut endear him as a true natural resource and guitar hero. He is only getting better with time. I truly hope you enjoy this live performance as much as did I!

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Suzanne Vega: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Suzanne Vega: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

I had this performance on a prior blog I ran. I enjoyed both the performance of these songs so much I decided to post them on my new website. Last time I was so fortunate, somehow Suzanne Vega spotted it on my old blog on twitter and retweeted my post and I was temporarily able to draft on her retweet. I am hoping to be so fortunate once again. I think if she tours my website she will enjoy other aspects as well. There are many interesting video performances here. I like to think I have an ear for quality performances. And many of the videos here carry some very moving content. But you need to surf the categories and archives. There really is a lot of content listed here on FRC.

But Suzanne Vega is a real treasure. Let me know what you think with a comment. Enjoy!

Dave Matthews Christmas Song

Brings The Story of Christmas and a little follow up by one of the best entertainers in a category all his own. Dave Matthews is one of my favs, and I couldn’t think of a better person to bring the story to his generation. Love and peace to all into eternity! Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!

Christmas Song from Dave and Tim in Las Vegas on December 12th, 2009. Order Live in Las Vegas here:


John Butler Trio & Keith Urban – Funky Tonight Live – Arias

This caught me totally off guard. Keith Urban ?  Really ? JOHN BUTLER Volcanic!  Country? Rock ? Like, What is this …Australian fire power! Outstanding My standing Os…Twice!! When these guys go Wheels UP, they’re gone!

U2, B.B.King – When Love Comes To Town /live/ ( Rattle And Hum) /1988/

This band is my all time favorite. The shear passion they put into every song lyric is the reason people will follow them worldwide to hear them live in concert. They mingle blues and rock and roll seamlessly. Only U2 and The Rolling Stones have this as a style stamp, easily detectable on most all of their works.