Our Mission

Here at Front Row Center .us,  our mission is simple.  To mine the web, find and highlight great past and present performances which are as excellent in video and audio quality as possible. We are interested in providing a cross generational mix which is not in the current popular mainstream, and in many cases recalls memories of when a particular song, or performance of a song or musical piece  first debuted. Also, we will strive to include performances that are/were unique in nature and content. We will try to include a description of the song, album artist or history to allow those who are interested to locate the performance, the ability to do so.  Our interest is not to be a booming megga website, but rather a place to spend time when someone is looking for an online music experience without the necessary search or otherwise.  A variety of sorts. A place where visitors can come spend their online  tablet or mobile smartphone free  time., while stading on line, in an airport, on a train, waiting or just at home chillaxing in your favorite chair.  Use of earphones or a headphone set will only enhance to experience.  We want both young and old to find a happy medium and an enjoyable music experience here at front row center. Hey, we are evolving and sure would appreciate your feedback as well.

All my life I have depended on music to keep my mind in tact. As far back as the Beatles and the Dave Clark 5. The Rolling Stones.  At different stages in my life, music has been my anchor. As a boy who’s family life was a quite chaotic at times, I depended on finding places I could go where all the events going on around me were blocked out. Those places were in front of a HiFi record player, a 5 band radio, buried in the commercial free FM radio stations. 

So I guess my point to you is, I enjoy music and making people laugh and smile, through music or comedy, or any form of entertainment.  So, the way we are going to roll here is by continual change and improvement. If you want to, please return frequently to learn if we have said, done, or spelled it better. And we welcome your comments to help us fix what you feel needs fixing.  Just give us a heads up. We want you to be happy. That is what counts,…you!

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