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Relaxing Music

Sometimes you have a day where it seems that everything just will not go your way. Your boss points out every mistake you make. Your doctor says your health is not improving. Your kids decide this is their day of defiance. Your dog tore up the trash, and left you chocolate muffins you threw away as they were old and growing things, and as a result your dog threw up on your new carpet. You bounced a check and your septic backed up. And this all happened on Friday when your physical internal battery charge is at 4%. You just want to get to your shorts and your favorite gear down tunes.

You just escaped from work and you need to detox in your favorite chair with the lights turned down low. Shoes off, shorts on, earphones in, tune in and play. Relaxing music goes a long way after a week of “crisis of the day” for 5 days straight.

Well here are a few of our picks to help your mind drift to a safe place. We hope you enjoy these.


James Taylor Performs “Riding on a Railroad” | In Performance at the White House


J.J. Cale – The Old Man and Me

John Fogerty Guitar Hero

john fogerty premonition live concert best of creedence

John Fogerty Premonition Live Concert Best Of Creedence

The first concert I ever attended was with my sister and brother-in-law who brought me – a full-of-energy kid fired up by the flame of all things rock and roll – to the Fillmore East Auditorium in New York City, to see Creedence Clearwater Revival. The year was 1969, and the warm-up band for CCR was a group called Spirit, whose big hit was I Got A Line on You. Spirit is also known for Tauras, a song they later claimed was lifted note-for-note and used by a band known as Led Zeppelin. You may remember them. Anyway, Led Zep called that little ditty Stairway To Heaven. 

Suffice it to say, CCR blew me away that night.

Bands do not get any more American than this one. John Fogerty gives us precision guitar work that I would rate right alongside the great Eric Clapton’s, except Fogerty does it with a smile on his face. He puts his whole soul into this wonderful music, makes you wish you were sitting somewhere Down on the Bayou, listening to the bullfrogs calling to their lady-loves. He takes you down Green River and out to Centerfield. And maybe he ain’t no Fortunate Son, folks, but he can sure belt out his admiration for Proud Mary as she takes you for a ride on the river. John just keeps the excitement Rockin’ All Over The World.

These songs are hymns to America, written with love in his heart. I believe our guys and gals in the Armed Forces know how home itself lives in a CCR tune – that it’s one of the great things that have kept many of them going, giving their all over in some desert hot-spot.

It is to honor John Fogerty’s American spirit that I proudly post this tremendous concert. I know we’re all short on time, but I hope you’ll listen to his words. Listen and and watch his guitar fingering, and I believe you’ll thank yourself that you did.

All John Fogarty wants to do is rock and roll for us. Life is too short not to enjoy it. Thank you John … Rock on, buddy!

If you don’t belive me about John Fogerty, listen to what this guy says about him, Click here



Eric Clapton – Driftin Blues HD

I don’t have much to say here except perhaps “Can’t Touch This!” Just spectacular while basic and finite. His instrument is an extension of his existence. He will hypnotize if you zero in on his fretboard, finger work and his strumming style. There is a very good reason someone once said Eric Clapton is God of the guitar. I will be expanding on Eric Clapton as those who do not know him need to. Enjoy!

James Taylor – You’ve Got A Friend Live at North Sea Jazz Festival.

James Taylor – You’ve Got A Friend @ Live at North Sea Jazz Festival 2009

Rotterdam, Holland, once a year, home to The North Sea Jazz Festival and where I first met my sister. My Dad got all stupid about “his boy”, but all I wanted to do was go home after being born in the hospital and meet my sister.  Rotterdam  Yes, city refined. Thank you James Taylor for writing a song about how I feel, and how we should all feel about our sisters and brothers. James Taylor has the gift. The gift of writing songs that go directly to the heart. His music can take you from a bad day, to a good cry, to a warm feeling and always leaves you with a smile. JT can prevent a person from going off the deep end. His music is just so appropriate 24/7/365. He’s your, “I’m ready to give up”,  go to guy.  When he sings,  we stop and listen. And we remember the first place we ever heard that song. For me, it was the song Mudslide Slim as I drank quarts of Miller beer, under age of course, on the beaches of Lake Carmel New York, at night. With my friends always on me, the tallest schmoe in the bunch, to go buy beer at the local Gateway grocery market.

I have seen James Taylor live in concert twice. The most upbeat song for me,  as I watched him play at the time, “Mexico”. Outstanding. But, when I think of my sister, “You’ve Got A Friend” is the song that comes to my mind. Not because of my actions necessarily, I can be pretty difficult, a lot, but more hers, no matter how the day shakes out, she’s always been there for me. Well, she won’t get to edit this one anyway, cause it is straight from the heart. I hope you enjoy this video perfomance. How could you not? James Taylor is always a sure thing.  Except maybe when he sings about the Bosox. “Angels Of Fenway..I am a Yankees fan. :-)…So’s my sister! ☺☺


George Harrison

George Harrison – “Wah – Wah” Have Faith!

The secret to enjoying our posts is to start the video first, lower on this page,  then read the content as the music plays.


The seamingly quite Beatle who waited his turn. And boy could George Harrison turn! Many say his Album, “All Things Must Past” was the best album from any and all Beatles. I know, I love his stuff. George Harrison, the Beatle who rescued a people.


In August 1971, 2 concerts . Before all the big scale live concert benefits, We Are The World, Crossroads, Live Aid and Farm Aid, I remember, “The Concert For Bangladesh.” The companion album and the documentary told the story how George Harrison and Ravi Shankar launched an economic rescue mission gathering as many Rock and Roll greats as they could, including, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, and of course Ringo Starr, And. building upon the world’s understanding of peace love and compassion to a point that everyone wanted to help those starving abroad.  The songs from his album played a central role in that great relief effort. George Harrison brought the message, the idea of one God to us all with his music. And to this day belief in that concept, that when people are in trouble, there is but one God. And that God is all that stands between the human race and certain doom. Call him Lord, God, Jesus, Muhammad,  Rama,  Buddha, or what ever works for you it is in our anchored faith we all shall prevail.  If there is a heaven, one of the great things about going there will be meeting George Harrison directly and knowing of his accomplishments here on Earth.

“What happened is now history: it was one of the most moving and intense musical experiences of the century”.

– Ravi Shankar, 2005

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