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John Mayer

Bjørn Berge Blues Stringer Of Norway

Bjørn Berge 

Here is something very special. If you thought Norway can’t do Blues, think again. Just check out this thick solid strong guitar work Look what we found. Bjørn Berge. we love this guy. He’s all Harley Davidson in a European sort of way. Great Guitar work.  The first video starts up slow, but if you give it a few seconds, it blazes You gotta know, Blues are not only loved in the United States. You can find great blues strikers all over the world.  Well, maybe not Antarctica,  although there are some dancing fool penguins floating around there. Bjørn Berge has the chops, he needs the world round recognition and he’d be “wheels up” for success.  There are even undertones of Leo Kottke, another of our favorites. When you see Bjørn Berge’s range, we think you too shall be impressed! 

Per Wikipedia,

After being named "Best Musician of the Year" by  Dagbladeti in 1998, In 2001, he won Speelmanannprisen for his album Stringmachine and in 2002 for his album Illustrated Man.[2] He also toured all over Europe gaining more popularity, and won the NBFs Bluespros in 2001. In 2014 Berge replaced Torbjorn Okland as guitarist in the Norwegian band Vamp. The bottom line, this guy can string. Faint hint of Metallica or George Thorogood & The Destroyers as well.

John Mayer

John Mayer – I Don’t Trust Myself


John Mayer – I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You) LIVE In Toronto

John Mayer rolls it out nice n easy. If you are looking to relax, this is defiantly a go to performance, not to be missed. This guy is so unbelievably talented he has earned his place among great R&B and Blues musicians. His ability to combine pop with R&B is spot on, and he can defiantly deliver the goods when it comes to The Blues.   Hope you enjoy this.  Let’s get right to it.


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Eric Bibb – Let The Mothers Step Up

Great new, in studio, performance. I’ll shut up and let you get straight to It. Eric Bibb in studio. Enjoy!

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Eric Bibb Premium Blues Artist Not To Be Missed!

Eric Bibb Blessing To The Blues Community

Eric Bibb – The son of renown NYC folk singer Leon Bibb, Eric grew up around musicians like Pete Seeger, Odetta. Richie Havens, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. If that wasn’t enough, his uncle was the world-famous jazz pianist and composer John Lewis, a member of the Modern Jazz Quartet, and his godfather was singer/actor/activist Paul Robeson. Bibb launched his career in Europe, gaining notoriety at blues and folk festivals in London, Cambridge and Dublin, and eventually settled in Sweden where he worked as a music and voice teacher. He has played festivals around the world including Glastonbury and the Cambridge Folk Festival in the U.K., and landed opening slots on tours with Robert Cray and Ray Charles. Bibb has been nominated for a Grammy and four W.C. Handy awards (now the Blues Music Awards) and his songs have been featured on TV shows including “The District,” “Casualty” and BBC’s “Eastenders.” Released in 2006, “Diamond Days” became Bibb’s biggest selling album to date.  The album entered both Australian and US charts. Bibb was nominated for “Acoustic Artist of the Year” in the 2008 Blues Music Awards. His latest release is titled “Blues People.”


If you are unfamiliar with this mans work, it might be a very good idea to fix that.  Eric Bibb just has it all. He just makes you feel good. I love Ray Clark Jr., Eric Clapton and John Mayer, all highly accomplished blues players, Eric Bibb just has the ability to draw you in, switch on your smile, and hold you firmly in his talent like a tractor beam straight out of Star Wars. He squares you up with your creator without your even knowing it. He keeps you focused on being civil, empathetic and compassionate while letting your inner blues brother roam free. His guitar work is totally solid without being ostentatious and at the same time serving up great guitar riffs and thick sound. A humble world traveler, you just know that when he rolls into town there are just going to be a great number of easy-going and interesting happy people. Eric is just a treasure trove of music and joy. I hope to see him someday before I pass on.

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