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When I need a feeling of escape from the main stream music of yesterday and today,I need that crossover melodic sound of low impact Folk and Jazz to Rock fusion to help me gear down, I look to Joni Mitcell. She never disappoints. She plays and paints on my auditory canvas in a way no other artist ever could. Her early works appealed to a generation just before mine more on a folk level, mid to late 1960s. But during my post Vietnam War Era term in the Air Force, when I needed a feeling of solitude from all the swirling mainstream music genres of the 1970s, here was this most wonderful and talented artist melding smooth jazz sound with low intensity rock in such a seamless style. Albums such as “Hejira” and “Court And Spark” were just phenomenal  in my opinion. I have not yet heard Mingus, after her interview, I am a little trepidatious to do so.  Not sure why?  I could always be alone with her beautiful melodic voice and hang on every note and word. At a point in my life where there was a gap between my feminist sibling and my understanding of the inner working feminine desire for greater freedom and respect, Joni’s lyrics guided me along a road not traveled by many of the men of my youth. In fact, amoung my peers, l was sure I was the only man who really enjoyed her style. Joni Mitchell helped really anchor my understanding that ,  in this short life we all lead on earth, it is not all about prestige, but more about the importance of the inner core of the soul mate we choose to spend our lives with. And to think in terms of mutual dependency and longevity as opposed to self-centered relationships, which always seemed to melt around me. And I think I owe it all to her for the wonderful person I chose to spend my life with, no regrets…ever, no regrets. Thank you Joni Mitchell. You truly are, “The Sophisticated Lady”.
This is long. but worth it.

This is even longer but oh so good and applicable, even today. Such a wonderful person. Please watch and give me some feedback if you do.


Driving down the coast road,   Route 1, in between Palo Alto and Monteray California  in a convertible seabring, , cliffs to my right, fresh sea air and great sunshine! Back in 1998 when I popped in a CD and , heard this awesome lady banging out tunes! If there ever was a woman that could raise your spirits up when you’re alone, it is this person right here. Great Guitar! Great rhythm? Great look! And man, can she sing Here are three worthy performances . I hope you love them like I do! Sheryl Crow. She has faced adversity and come out way ahead every time! The first two performances are not necessarily hers, But you can hear who I assume was one of her major influences.  In the first video “Let it Bleed” your are rewarded to hear the great Pianist Chuck Levell, He played with the Rolling Stones many times, not to mention stints with Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, and his own band Sealevell, a great Jazz rock fusion band of the 1980’s.  He has chops! I love them both.

All Down The Line

Gasoline / Gimmie Shelter

Steve McQueen

David Lindley & Wally Ingram – Minglewood Blues / 45 Blues

Those of you who know us, you know we like unusual stuff. This artist has absolutly captivated our interest. He is fabulous. A bouzouki, seriously? He just owns it. As always, the full force of his deep rich sound demands quality head phones. This video starts up slow but if you stick with it you will be rewarded. David Lindley is simply awesome!


Here is a performer I tripped over, and he is stellar! At first I thought he had a rabbit suit on. Then I thought, Captain Kangaroo was really a stoner. And then this guy started to play. Next it got even better. He sings a song with great dobro steel guitar accompaniment. Just outstanding and hysterical all at once. I will park all four videos. I hope you like them. I certainly did.

David Lindley – Burnaby Blues and Root Festival 2009

Cat Food Sandwiches – Part1 of 3 – David Lindley

JD and The Straight Shots. It’s About Time

While reading New York Times today, this article, “A New Track And A New Tack”, by Scott Cacciola, caught my eye in today’s sports section, which, by the way, I almost never read, an omen I better highlight this for sure. Here is a guy who is rolling along, doing pretty darn great in life. Realizing, as I do about myself, he is not getting any younger, he probably gets to a point where he decides it is time for a total change up. So he starts a band. Fortunately he has lots of talent, and some time needed to start up. He chooses a great song by one of my personal favorites, (I was beginning to worry I was the only fan of Little Feat leat alive, actually not true, as they were the band Led Zeppelin’s favorite band and I am confident they have millions more). He decides to perform “Let It Roll” with his new band and post online. I noticed a percussionist who plays on,” Live From Daryl’s House” website and TV series with Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates fame. This guy, James L.Dolan, owns the New York Knicks ? This just goes to prove, the older you get, the better music is for your soul. Music is my passion as well. I don’t like writing about it, but I sure do love listening to it, especially when it is as good as JD & The Straight Shots perform this song. I hear they have a planned upcoming album and the subject matter sounds great. Watch for it. Somebody, please email me once it’s out. Enjoy!

Mississippi blues harmonica (Pride and Joy)

Have you ever just gone for a drive by your self and had a day so beautiful that you wished you could just pull over and express your joy? Maybe it happened to this guy? Don’t you wish he were you?. Harmonicas really just seem to help intensify emotion and transfer that emotion from the performer to the audiance.   This guy is great!

Here are two great songs, highly emotional for me. Did You miss it?  Did these songs get past you?  Were you listening ?  Or maybe you never heard them.  Who was this Cat Stevens ? Why were these songs not etched in all in our minds?  Well, enjoy them now.  It is quite the performance. Great Music has no age!
I feel as if these songs wuld be wonderful to hear or sing before we pass on. I love the second song and I think of my son when I hear it. We all must go someday. But we all must tell our children to carry on. And express to them, yes, life can be a challenge, but the times when you are happy must be cherished before they slip away.
Cat Stevens – Miles From Nowhere

J.J. Cale – Low Down( full dvd)

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