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U2, B.B.King – When Love Comes To Town /live/ ( Rattle And Hum) /1988/

This band is my all time favorite. The shear passion they put into every song lyric is the reason people will follow them worldwide to hear them live in concert. They mingle blues and rock and roll seamlessly. Only U2 and The Rolling Stones have this as a style stamp, easily detectable on most all of their works.

Welcome To The New Front Row Center Website! All The World’s A Stage!

Welcome to Front Row Center. Now under construction, but soon to deliver great video footage of various music, live performance footage, and varied genres! This website won’t only be limited to music either, as was it’s blog / vlog predecessor.  We all need a smile some times, or an interesting and thought provoking video or article can help us enjoy our spare time, on a train, in an airport, a doctors office, in the infamous DMV waiting room, even sitting on a beach on vacation. Sometimes we want to Rock it, and other times just chillax. If you have the time and the desire for good entertainment, we’ll be right here, just a few clicks away.  We might even drop some tech tricks and tips to help you burnish your mobile device skills.   And you too can play.  We will be very interested in your feedback and interaction. You can help us evolve this site based on your critiquing input and positive feedback.  Just “keep it real” is all we ask. We are all here to have fun and enjoy.  We also plan to give aspiring artists exposure when and where appropriate,whenever possible.  No better feeling than helping new-bees get a leg upon their careers, especially the talented new-bees.

We will do our best to have new content as often as possible. My hope is for people to find peace and happiness in a straight up stressful world.  I personally love watching consumate musicians movement, body language, fingerings on the frets of their axes when playing their instruments. Drummers running the rhythm streams making us tap our fingers and toes . To me, it is so deeply memorizing. No need for meditation when watched without distraction. Accoutic or electric guitars,  concert pianist, and especially orchestral performances all roll my dice.  A great comedian from time to time can absolutely warm your soul after the most difficult of days at work. 

So I hope you find what your looking for here and set up camp, bring your friends , leave a comment or two and help us all to just have a little variety in your short time spent on line.

Thank you for stopping on bye. Please come back again soon.

Thanks for stopping bye!